Sarah G. Hoopes,

Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1817

Provenance: Susan B. Swan Collection

sampler size: 8¾"x 9¼" • framed size: 10¼" x 10¾" • sold

A true treasure – this small, very delicate Quaker sampler was made in Chester County, Pennsylvania by Sarah Garrett Hoopes in 1817. The provenance is highly significant as it was in the personal collection of the late Susan B. Swan, the revered, long-time Curator of Textiles at Winterthur Museum. The sampler has remained in the collection of one of her sons and is now available for sale.  

The sampler has a particularly refined quality to it. The Extract verse is surrounded by an exceptional leafy enclosure worked in teal blue with red and white flower  buds. The element at the center of the top is a variation of the bell-flower motif that often appears on Quaker samplers. The verse offered particular appeal and is found on other samplers; it was often published in the period. 

Sarah was the daughter of Imlah and Edith (Garrett) Hoopes. They were members of the Goshen Monthly Meeting of Chester County when this sampler was made. The roots of the Hoopes and Garrett families extend back for generations in this area. 

Sarah married Joseph Cloud (1815-1880) and they had four children. Joseph was a farmer and they lived in Chester County and, for a period, in New Castle County, Delaware. Sarah died in 1880. 

Along with records from the Friends Historic Library, sources for this information include The Hoopes Family Record, A Genealogical Record Of The Hoopes Family, Descendants Of Daniel Hoopes Of Westtown, Chester County, Pennsylvania, Volume I, the first six generations compiled and edited by Gerald R. Fuller, D.V.M. 1979 and Historic Homes And Institutions And Genealogical And Personal Memoirs Of Chester And Delaware Counties, Pennsylvania, Gilbert Cope (The Lewis Publishing Company, 1904). Photocopies are included in the file that accompanies this sampler. 

The sampler was worked in silk on fine linen gauze. It is in excellent condition with some very slight light foxing to the linen. It has been conservation mounted and is in its original molded frame. 

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