Antonia McLellan,

Kirkudbright, Scotland, 1843

sampler size: 13¾" x 8" • framed size: 15½" x 10" • sold

A charming sampler that shares the wonderful and classic characteristics of Scottish samplers, this is signed, “Antonia McLellan 1843,” underneath the blue striped house, fruit basket, and flowering tree scene. Also within the Scottish samplermaking tradition, the maker included the names and of her parents and many family initials; these are listed in the lines below the alphabets.  

Antonia was born on July 1, 1829 to Samuel and Agnes (Milroy) McLellan who lived in Balmaghie, a village in Kirkudbright, Scotland. In 1873, Antonia married James Armstrong. 

The border of this sampler is very good – with heart-shaped elements providing an excellent framework with little geometric corner blocks. 

Worked in wool on linen, the sampler is in excellent condition. It has been conservation mounted and is in a molded mahogany frame.



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