Antique Furniture and Decorative Objects (click image for more information)

Wrought Iron Standing Hooks with Blue Paint,

circa 1900

Oversized Footed Wire Basket, circa 1900
Mahogany table with slant top option,

English, circa 1820

Wall shelf, mid 20th century
Iroquois Beadwork Pincushion with a Bird, 1926



Pair of Painted Side Chairs

American, circa 1820-30

Pair of Painted Torchieres

American, circa 1910

Pair of Iron Baluster Lamps

American, circa 1880

Embroidered Tent Hanging,

Tree of Life with Sacred Cows, India, Early 20th century

Carved Box, America, c. 1880
One drawer stand, American, circa 1840
Blown Glass Compote, American, mid-19th century
Chinoiserie Mirror, English, early 19th c.
Large Tin Scoop with Bracework,

American, early 20th century

Blown Glass Pitcher, Pittsburgh, c. 1850
Pair of Mirrored Sconces

France, circa 1790

Distortion Mirror

English, circa 1860

Drafting Table, Oak with Cast Iron Base, late 19th century
Glass Compote,

American, Mid-19th Century

Exceptional Carved and Painted

Neoclassical Country Settee
American, circa 1830

Painted Rocking Chair,

Original Paint,
New England, circa 1840

Empire Painted Center Table with Drawer,

American, circa 1840

Decoupage Table Meticulously Covered in Postage Stamps

Folk Art Table, American Modernist
American, circa 1935

Sculpted Rock Crystal

20th Century

"Daughters of Rebekah" Oddfellows Lodge Pole Top Finials

American, circa 1900

Wire Glass Carrier

French, Late 19th Century

Fine Work Table

with Pullout Gameboard,
American, circa 1820

Walnut Folding Camp Chair

American, Early 20th Century

Olivewood Jerusalem Box, circa 1910
Pair of Celery Vases, American, circa 1850
Adjustable Fluid Lamp

France, Mid-19th Century

Large Latticework Wall Pocket,

American, circa 1940

Tall Pair of Architectural Pilasters,

Original Weathered Paint
American, Late 19th Century

Carved and Painted Tripod Stool

with Twig Base,
American, Late 19th Century

Georgian Tole Decorated Plate Warmer

England, circa 1820

Massachusetts Side Table, circa 1830
Miniature Mahogany Chest

American, circa 1850

Large Blue Painted Display Scale

American, circa 1900

Wire Tazza

American, Late 19th Century

Cast Iron Door Knocker,

Lady's Hand Holding Ball,
Late 19th Century

Miniature Leather Shoes

British Isles, early 19th century

Ottoman with Needlework Upholstery,

United States, 1886

Stool with Turned Legs,

 English, mid 19th c.

Pair of American Whimsey Carved Mirrors, circa 1890
Small Tin Corner Shelf, New England,

mid 19th c.

Hutch Table, Maryland,

mid 19th c.

Fireplace Trivet with Unusual Chased Decoration of Evergreen and Leafy Trees Under a Starry Sky,

 English, circa 1800