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Betsy Farnum

Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts, 1800

Arabella Downer,

Thetford, Orange County, Vermont, 1820

Caroline Goulding,

Hopkinton, Middlesex County,
Massachusetts, circa 1821

Christianna Anne Stiner,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1828

Ann Hofman, Philadelphia Presentation Sampler

Kensington, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1826

Cynthia Eaton,

Sutton, Merrimack County,
New Hampshire, 1833

Sarah Hill Fitch, Ellsworth,

Trumbull [now Mahoning] County,

 Ohio, 1836

Charlotte Doctor, Dundee, Angus, Scotland, 1827
Elizabeth McLoney, Mary Tidball School

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, 1833

Jane Hilliar,

Hampshire, England, 1761, Included in 1873 Exhibition

Harriet Mead, probably Vermont, 1814
Alice Lister, with unusual use of tiny feathers, England, 1787
Rachel Elizabeth Morgan,

New York, New York, 1838

Sarah Kenton

Crayford, Kent, England, 1796

Frances L. Stacy,

Washington County, Ohio, 1826

Pennsylvania German Sampler

probably Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 1843

Catharine Shimer, Mary Ralston School

Easton, Pennsylvania, 1829

Beulah Lippincott, Burlington County,

New Jersey, 1825

“House Guest” Miniature Sampler,

England, circa 1820

Elizabeth W. Arnold, Age 7

Boston, Massachusetts, 1834

Elizabeth Selwood,

 A. Bennett’s School, Bradford, Wiltshire, England, 1833

Margaret Spender, England, 1810
Jane Ann Ferguson,

Glasgow, Scotland, 1832

Anna Caroline Boyer

Easton, Pennsylvania, 1839

Isabella Chrisman,

Wilson County, Tennessee, 1847

Emeline A. Smith,

Leominster, Massachusetts, 1828

Sarah Gaunt, England, 1803
Elizabeth Seal,

Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1814

Sarah Ann Clare, England, 1824
Pictorial Sampler,

 Initialed LS, France, 1851

Mary A. How,

 Pennsylvania, 1828

Susan Meader,

 New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1818

Eugenia Danels Mumma

Baltimore, Maryland, 1835

Mary Belsterling,

Philadelphia, circa 1817

Darning sampler, Netherlands, 1874
Ann Amelia Roberts, England, 1836
Motif and Alphabet Sampler

Netherlands, 1861

Woolwork Picture, Bray Church,

Near Maidenhead,
Berkshire, England, circa 1850

Sidney Caroline Hendricks,

Lititz Moravian Girls’ School,
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1823
Provenance: Collection of Betty Ring

Eliza M. Kellogg,

Amherst, Massachusetts, age 9, 1831

Mary D. Herring,

Malden, Massachusetts, 1803

Lititz Moravian Girl’s School Silk Embroidery

by Eliza Carolina Dagen of
New Windsor, Frederick County, Maryland, 1822

Mary Howe, England, 1832
Pair of Needlework Pictures,

Edith Pearson, England, 1772

Schoolgirl Watercolor and Pen & Ink Map

of the United States,
Susan Mott, Flushing, New York, 1818

Birds, Flowers and Basket Needlework Picture with Beads, circa 1870
Elizabeth Covil Spurling,

Greenwich, England, 1826

Silk Embroidered Memorial to George Torrey,

Scituate, Massachusetts, circa 1815

Pair of Sleeve Cuffs

Europe, circa 1880

Panel of Buttons, Buttonholes and Loop Fasteners

Europe, circa 1850

Group of Three Miniature Sewing Samples

Europe, late 19th century 

Group of Seven Miniature Sewing Samples

Europe, late 19th century

Panel of Fine Drawn Work Specimens
Europe, circa 1850
Panel of White Schoolgirl Stiching

Europe, circa 1850