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Elizabeth Smith, “Peace Love and Charity”,

Belmont County, Ohio, circa 1828

Rebecca W. Morris,

Shrewsbury, Monmouth County,
New Jersey, 1827

Mary Ann Baugher, Berlin,

Adams County, Pennsylvania, 1832

Buttonhole Miniature Sampler,

probably English, early 19th century

Christianna Anne Stiner,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1828

Elizabeth Owens,

Schenectady, New York, 1834

Mary Ann Coolidge,

Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1824

Lydia Allen, Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania, 1796

Sarah Smith, Miniature Sampler,

England, circa 1800

Mary E. King, Houston, Texas, 1853
Miniature Sampler, Susannah Robinson,

England, 1751

Ann Cotterill, England, 1798
Pair of Needlework Pictures,

Edith Pearson, England, 1772

Mary Howe, England, 1832
Rachel Saunders, Gloucester County,

New Jersey, circa 1815

Sister Samplers,

Clamentina Batlle, 1822 and Geltrudis Batlle, 1823,
Montevideo, Uruguay

Mary Belsterling, Philadelphia, circa 1817
Ann Walker, American, 1830
Sidney Caroline Hendricks,

Lititz Moravian Girls’ School,
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1823
Provenance: Collection of Betty Ring

Margaret Jane Dickey,

probably Lancaster County,
Pennsylvania, 1842

Cordelia Latham Bennet,

Biblical Adam & Eve Group,
New York, New York, circa 1806 to 1808
Provenance: Theodore H. Kapnek Collection, Betty Ring Collection

Pinkeep Sampler, Mary Plampin,

Staffordshire, England, circa 1715

Susan B. Gardner,

Somerset, Massachusetts, 1833

Elizabeth Taylor, Family Record,

Stoughton, Norfolk County,
Massachusetts, 1814

Janet Waldie, Craigo Mill,

Scotland, circa 1798

Emeline A. Smith,

Leominster, Massachusetts, 1828

Fanny Jennings,

Brookfield, Worcester County,
Massachusetts, 1816

Carolina Freiderica Trierin,

Leipzig, Germany, 1765

Elizabeth Hind, England, 1763
Mary D. Herring,

Malden, Massachusetts, 1803

Silk Embroidered Memorial to George Torrey,

Scituate, Massachusetts, circa 1815

Jain Enos, New Castle,

Delaware, 1793

Rosanne Robberds,

Norwich, England, circa 1830

Beadwork Picture,

France, circa 1830

Anathusia Nye, Roxbury,

New Hampshire, 1820

Caroline Goulding,

Hopkinton, Middlesex County,
Massachusetts, circa 1821

Woolwork Picture, Bray Church,

Near Maidenhead,
Berkshire, England, circa 1850

Maria Ann Wilkes,

England, circa 1830

Theresa Sawonek, probably Poland, 1845
Abigail Ingalls, Methuen,

Massachusetts, 1811

Sarah Ann Clare, England, 1824