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Lois Killam,

Boxford, Massachusetts, circa 1820

Sarah Ann McCoy,

Western Ohio or Eastern Indiana,
Mrs. Davis, Instructress, 1835

Pattern Block, Motif and Alphabet Sampler,

Initialed FIH, Germany, 1734

Susan Meader,

 New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1818

Arabella Downer,

Thetford, Orange County, Vermont, 1820

“House Guest” Miniature Sampler,

England, circa 1820

Sally F. Alden,

Randolph, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, circa 1818

Mary Hergesheimer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, circa 1808

Juana Dominguez, instructress Señora Doña Antonia Fernandez

Spain, 1743

Needlework Picture on Laid Paper, New England, circa 1820
Harriet Mead, probably Vermont, 1814
Sarah Gaunt, England, 1803
Lydia Young, Lincoln, Penobscot County, Maine,

Instructress Rebekah Morton, 1833

Elizabeth Selwood,

 A. Bennett’s School, Bradford, Wiltshire, England, 1833

Scene with Red House, United Stated, circa 1860
Eugenia Danels Mumma

Baltimore, Maryland, 1835

Alice Lister, England, 1787
Sary Sanderson, England, 1749
Beulah Lippincott, Burlington County,

New Jersey, 1825

Barbara Amanda Smoker,

New Holland, Lancaster County,
Pennsylvania, 1839

Miniature Silk Embroidery, France, circa 1820
Silk Embroidered Memorial to George Torrey,

Scituate, Massachusetts, circa 1815

Margaret Spender, England, 1810
Rachel Elizabeth Morgan, New York, New York, 1838
Melcher Family Register

Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, 1769-1808

Hannah Comstock,

Providence, Rhode Island, 1803

Olive C. Evans, with Lafayette reference,

Weare, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, 1825

Mary Youngs,

Suffolk, England, 1831

Caroline Goulding,

Hopkinton, Middlesex County,
Massachusetts, circa 1821

Sarah Ann Clare, England, 1824
Hannah L. Barker,

Wilton, Hillsborough County,
New Hampshire, 1816

Clement Family Register, 1805, Haddonfield School, New Jersey

Camden, New Jersey, 1805, Attributed to Hannah Gibbs Clement

Pictorial Sampler, Initialed LS, France, 1851
Mary A. How,

 Pennsylvania, 1828

Elizabeth Seal,

Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1814

Susan B. Gardner,

Somerset, Massachusetts, 1833

Sidney Caroline Hendricks,

Lititz Moravian Girls’ School,
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1823
Provenance: Collection of Betty Ring

Sally Ross,

Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts, 1809

Christianna Anne Stiner,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1828

Indigo Dyed Linen Biaude

 late 19th c. France

Maria Harrisson, Stansted, Quaker School

 London, England, 1816

Ann Walker, American, 1830
Eliza M. Kellogg,

Amherst, Massachusetts, age 9, 1831

Mary D. Herring,

Malden, Massachusetts, 1803

Lucy B. Hatch,

Marshfield, Plymouth County,
Massachusetts, 1821

Mary Luckham, South Milton, Devon, England, 1839
Emeline A. Smith,

Leominster, Massachusetts, 1828

Woolwork Picture, Bray Church,

Near Maidenhead,
Berkshire, England, circa 1850

Pair of Needlework Pictures,

Edith Pearson, England, 1772

Cynthia Eaton,

Sutton, Merrimack County, New Hampshire, 1833

Birds, Flowers and Basket Needlework Picture with Beads, circa 1870
Mary Belsterling, Philadelphia, circa 1817
Charity Jane Kyle,

LaGrange, Dutchess County, New York, 1838

Selima F. Hebard,

Randolph, Orange County, Vermont, 1810

Mary Howe, England, 1832