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Greenwood Seminary,

Terrell and Morton family,
Virginia, circa 1825

Elizabeth Ann Morgan,

Canterbury Bird & Basket Group,
Gilmanton, New Hampshire, 1826

Selina A. Lary,

Shelburne, Coos County,
New Hampshire, 1831

Sophia Thurston,

New Braintree, Massachusetts, 1793

Catherine Elizabeth Gray,

Charles County, Maryland, circa 1835

Saviniah Elizabeth Mish,

Mrs. Leah Meguier School,
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1810

Mother and Daughter Samplers,

Manchester, Massachusetts,
1805 and 1826

Deborah Hearsey,

Hingham, Massachusetts, 1820

Silk Embroidered Memorial to George Torrey,

Scituate, Massachusetts, circa 1815

Abigail Ingalls, Methuen,

Massachusetts, 1811

Miniature Darning Sampler,

Initialed MB, England, 1813

Anna Clymer, Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania, 1817

Catherine Earnest, Pennsylvania, 1844
Content Flagler,

Clifton Park, Saratoga County,
New York, 1804

Mary T. Bartlett, Stratham,

New Hampshire, 1840

Mary Ann Coolidge,

Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1824

Mary Lancaster,

Westtown School Darning Sampler,
Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1815

Hannah Middleton,

Westfield School, Burlington County,
New Jersey, 1810

Sarah H. Fisher, Franklin,

Norfolk County, Massachusetts, 1825

Lovilla Emery,

Hillsborough, New Hampshire, 1833

Sarah Newbery, England, 1721
Christianna Anne Stiner,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1828

Susan W. Ruggles, East Bridgewater,

Plymouth County, Massachusetts, 1816

Abigail Foster, Andover,

Massachusetts, 1810

Phoebe Abbott,

Bishopsbourne School,
Kent, England, 1831

Basket of Flowers with Butterflies and Sheep,

Delaware or Philadelphia, circa 1810

Sally Edgar,

Woodbridge, Middlesex County,
New Jersey, 1806

Caroline Goulding,

Hopkinton, Middlesex County,
Massachusetts, circa 1821

Elizabeth Ham Walsh,

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 1822

Sally Robinson,

probably Bennington, Vermont, 1797

Sarah Holl, England, 1805
Woolwork Picture, Bray Church,

Near Maidenhead,
Berkshire, England, circa 1850

“Memen to Mori” silk embroidery,

Moses and Elizabeth Peck,
Boston, Massachusetts, circa 1810

Jannet Youngson,

Aberdeen, Scotland, 1816

Houghton Family Record Sampler,

Winchendon, Massachusetts, circa 1820

Lititz Moravian Girl’s School Silk Embroidery

by Eliza Carolina Dagen of New Windsor,
Frederick County, Maryland, 1822

Ann Walker, American, 1830
Marking Sampler,

probably English, circa 1825

SFD, United States, 1838
Mary D. Herring,

Malden, Massachusetts, 1803

Eliza Dean,

Bedford, Massachusetts, 1802

Emeline Malita Richardson,

Franklin, Massachusetts, 1826

Carolina Freiderica Trierin,

Leipzig, Germany, 1765

Mary Ann Eliza Collard,

London, England, 1828

Sidney Caroline Hendricks,

Lititz Moravian Girls’ School,
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1823
Provenance: Collection of Betty Ring

Mary Lane, England, 1795
Mary Howe, England, 1832
Pair of Batchelder Sister Samplers,

Northwood, New Hampshire,
circa 1830 and dated 1831  

“Jephthah Laments His Rash Vow,”

Mary Lewis, Misses Patten School,
Hartford, Connecticut, circa 1800

Theresa Sawonek, probably Poland, 1845
Eliza H. Booth,

Battle Creek, Calhoun County,
Michigan, 1850

Incised Straightedge, Nancy M. Pitcher,

Belfast, Maine, circa 1840-45

Sewing and Sampler Box,

Scandinavia, late 19th century 

Les Pensionnaires Pieuse,

France, circa 1820

Mary Smith, Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania, 1790

Polly Blydenburgh,

Durham, New Hampshire, 1794

Pair of Miniature Samplers with Biblical Verse,

England, circa 1860

Charlotte Reed, Milton,

Massachusetts, 1813

Roxcy Bocemsdes, Charlestown,

Rhode Island, circa 1819

Beadwork from Turkish

Prisoners of War, 1916

Susanna Mary Mumford, Southchurch,

Essex, England, circa 1860

Juliann Wilson, Nottingham West,

New Hampshire, 1818