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Jane Temple,

Antrim, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, 1828

Ann Smith,

United Kingdom, 1804

Catharina Christiana Wijgel,

Motif Sampler, Netherlands, 1797

Mary D. Welch,

Genealogy Sampler, Portland, Maine, circa 1828

Elizabeth Foster, Beverly,

Essex County, Massachusetts, 1823

Ann Simpson,

St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland, 1837


Maria Ortega,

Spain, 1852

Frances Wildin, “St. Ann’s Cross”,

Bream in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England, circa 1857

Mary L. Bicknell, Weymouth,

Franklin County, Massachusetts, 1827

Hannah Atkinson,

Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts, 1755

Bouquet of Flowers in an Oval Enclosure,

American, circa 1790


Portfolio Front and Back Covers, on Perforated Paper, Mrs. Julia D. Brown,

Morrisville, New York, 1836


Catharine Schlater,

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 1810

Marietta Brown,

Mid-Atlantic, United States, 1846

Emma Wilson,

England, 1800

Nancy Tilton,

Stratham, New Hampshire, 1800

Mary E. Snelbaker,

Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, 1839

Catherine Dewar,

Culross, Fife, Scotland, circa 1840

Lucretia Prescott,

Litchfield, Connecticut, 1825

Elizabeth Carr,

England, 1844

Hannah Smith,

England, 1809   

Embroidered Tent Hanging,

Tree of Life with Sacred Cows, India, Early 20th century

Emma Willis,

School District 11, Taunton, Massachusetts, 1815

“The Wheat Sheaf Inn Posting House and Family Inn”,

England, circa 1840

Abigail N. Chipman,

Family Record, Marlborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, c. 1836

Mahogany table with slant top option,

English, circa 1820

Mary Anne Bixby,

Ipswich, Suffolk, England, 1825

Darning Sampler,

Netherlands, 1801

Margret Van Antwerp,

New York, New York, circa 1800

Plushwork Lion in an Exotic Setting,

England, circa 1850

Rebecca H. Colcord,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1828

Harlequin and Columbine Sampler with Alphabets and Motifs,

Italy, circa 1820

Three Quaker Samplers,

Lownes Family, Pennsylvania, c. 1800, 1803 and 1820 

Hannah C. Parker,

Falmouth, Massachusetts, 1835


Exotic Bird on a Basket of Berries,

 England, circa 1850

Mary Fisher,

Dedham, Massachusetts, 1787

H. Frost, Darning Sampler,

Sudbury, Suffolk, England, 1790

Isabella Chrisman,

Wilson County, Tennessee, 1847

Parrot Embroidery on Paper,

probably English, circa 1820

Emeline A. Smith,

Leominster, Massachusetts, 1828

Ottoman with Needlework Upholstery,

United States, 1886

Woolwork Picture, Bray Church,

Near Maidenhead, Berkshire, England,

circa 1850

Flower Basket with Darning Squares,

England, circa 1800


Alphabets and House Scene Sampler,

American, circa 1825


Anne Shuffrey,

England, 1837

Mary Belsterling,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, circa 1817

Margaret Spender, England, 1810


Sarles - Kipp Family Register,

Pen and Ink on Paper,

 Mount Pleasant, Westchester County,

 New York, circa 1810

Jane E. Woodberry,

Beverly, Essex County, Massachusetts, circa 1820

Sidney Caroline Hendricks,

Lititz Moravian Girls’ School,
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1823
Provenance: Collection of Betty Ring

Mary D. Herring,

Malden, Massachusetts, 1803

Les Pensionnaires Pieuse,

France, circa 1820

Iroquois Beadwork Pincushion with a Bird, 1926
Jane Nunn,

England, 1815

Susan Meader,

 New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1818

Silk Embroidered Memorial to George Torrey,

Scituate, Massachusetts, circa 1815

Lititz Moravian Girl’s School Silk Embroidery

by Eliza Carolina Dagen  
of New Windsor, Frederick County,
Maryland, 1822

Sally S. Smith,

United States, 1836

Sarah Ann Clare, England, 1824
Mary Howe, England, 1832