Trousseau Monogram Sampler,

Trousseau Monogram Sampler,

France,  late 19th century

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sampler size: 36” x 32” • price: $2800

An exquisite and very rare piece, this is a large hand embroidered white-on-white linen sampler showcasing twelve intricate monograms and two crowns, all accomplished in raised work. This highly sophisticated type of needlework was done in French convents, generally for trousseau linens; clients would choose the particular style of intertwined font and embellishments that best suited them. Those knowledgeable regarding this type of chateau trousseau linen have told us that this is the first sampler of this type that they have come to know. It was likely created as a record of the quality and a display of the various styles that a given convent could accomplish. Two of the edges are hand-hemmed and two are selvedge.

This is unframed and is in pristine condition. See below for images of details.

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