Susanna Pettit,

Susanna Pettit,

Darning Sampler, Bocking, England, 1799

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sampler size: 13½” square • framed size: 15¼” x 15½” • sold

Darning samplers are considered by many to be a highly desirable type of needlework, as they can present a stunning graphic while demonstrating very sophisticated and refined techniques. Students were taught to recreate specific weave structures; their darning samplers were proof of their accomplishments and served as a practical reference throughout their lifetime. 

Susanna Pettit’s sampler is a fine example, with additional significance because it is published as figure 124 in Averil Colby’s Samplers (B T Batsford Ltd, 1985) as the only darning sampler. Two other Bocking samplers are known and together these three attest to the fact that a teacher of considerable skill was working at that school, which was in Essex, about 40 miles from London. 

Worked in silk on linen, it is in excellent condition and conservation mounted into a 19th century gold leaf frame. 


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