Pictorial Motif Sampler,

Pictorial Motif Sampler,

Germany, 1799

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sampler size: 19" x 11¾" • framed size: 22" x 15" • price: $3200

A fine German sampler, this presents a great many interesting designs. Most notable are the two striking and beautifully rendered ladies wearing late 16th century dress, as indicated by their ruff collars, mutton sleeves and sweeping skirts; these are embroidery patterns documented from that early period. The soldier however is wearing late 18th century military garb as he takes aim at the recumbent stag, another early German pattern. The samplermaker included many other notable motifs that were used by European stitchers for centuries – among them the monstrance centered at the top, Gloria Dei (lamb of God with his banner and chalice), double-headed eagle with crown, peacock and long-necked swans. Many other varied motifs, some of them quite tiny, fill much of the balance of the space and the overall composition is very appealing.

The small enclosure at upper left contains the maker’s initials along with the date, 1799. The one on the right contains the alphabet and a numerical progression.

Worked in silk and metallic threads on wool, this is in very good condition with some slight loss to the wool ground, now secured. It has been conservation mounted and is in a birds-eye maple frame.

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