Melinda Weld,

Melinda Weld,

Guilford, Connecticut, 1802

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sampler size: 15¼” x 17” • framed size: 19” x 20¾” • sold

A very good green linsey-woolsey sampler, this was made by 10-year-old Melinda Weld of Guilford, Connecticut, a coastal town just east of New Haven. Along with alphabets, a lovely register of flowers and fruit in basket and a horizontal band, Melinda stitched the aphorism, “Delight in Learning Soon will Bring a Child To Learn the Hardest thing.” An excellent geometric border provides a graphic framework. Most samplers worked on green linsey-woolsey are from coastal New England and the majority originate in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, rendering this an unusual example.

The Weld family in America began five generations prior to Melinda with Thomas Weld who was born in 1595 and sailed on the ship William Francis in 1632, settling in Roxbury, Massachusetts. History of the Weld Family from 1632 to 1878 by Charlotte Weld Fowler (Middletown, Conn, 1879) is very informative and photocopies from this and other publications are included in the extensive research file that accompanies this sampler. Melinda’s grandfather, Joseph Weld, removed to Guilford, Connecticut where he continued his trade as a weaver and served in the Revolutionary War as part of the Connecticut regiment. His son, Joseph Weld married Sarah Parmalee, also from a family with deep roots in Connecticut, in 1800 and Melinda was their eldest, born on December 29, 1792. She included on her sampler a series of initials designating family members: Joseph, Sarah, Russell, Mary, John, and so forth.

Sometime after 1807, the family removed to western New York state and Melinda married Joseph Annin there. They had one child, a son and Melinda died there in 1841.

The sampler was worked in silk on linsey-woolsey and is in very good condition with some very slight weakness to the fine white silk floss. It has been conservation mounted and is in a mahogany frame.

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