Mary Rider,

Mary Rider,

England, 1843

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sampler size: 12¼" x 15½" • framed size: 15¾" x 19" • sold

A richly worked sampler in the classic English balanced composition, this has the added appeal of its provenance, as it was in a highly regarded collection and published accordingly. Micheal & Elizabeth Feller The Needlework Collection: 2, by Elizabeth Feller (Needleprint, 2012) includes Mary Rider’s sampler as figure F312 in the chapter entitled “Bright & Beautiful.” Writing about this sampler, Mrs. Feller states, “A unique and extraordinary naïve building is centered on the ground of this sampler ... the apple tree above is from a well-known repertoire of European motifs dating back to the 18th century, if not before.”

The pairs of birds contained by stylized branches, flowering plants, whimsical vases, pyramids of fruit in baskets and strong border of strawberries on a straight-edge border (note the tiny stars in the corners) add to the appeal. All of Mary’s needlework fairly jumps off of the linen, rendering this a visual delight.

Worked in on linen, this is in excellent condition and has been conservation mounted into a beveled bird's-eye maple frame.

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