Marion Brodie,

Marion Brodie,

Peebles, Scotland,1831

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sampler size: 16¾” x 12¾” • framed size: 22½ x 18½” • price: $2200

A Scottish sampler with a great deal of charm, this was made in 1831 by Marion Brodie. Along with alphabets and numerical progressions, Marion included a wonderful register of two young ladies portrayed in silhouette and walking amidst a row of little dogs and three stylized trees of the sort frequently found on Scottish samplers. Baskets and birds fill the row below.

Scottish samplermakers frequently included family initials on their work and Marion stitched RB, JB and HB. We are grateful for the kind friendship and research provided by which indicates that Marion Brodie was most likely the daughter of Robert Brodie (whose initials follow the date). The initials JB and HB would stand for two of her sisters: Jean Brodie, born 1815, and Helen Brodie, born 1811, each of whom is depicted in her specific and detailed clothing.

Marion was born in 1821 to Robert and Marion (Hastie) Brodie of Peebles, about 22 miles south of Edinburgh. Notably, Peebles was an area that produced fine woolens in the many mills located there in the 19th century. Very likely the wool ground used by Marion was a local product. In 1854, she married John Ramsey and they lived in Inveresk, Edinburghshire. They had at least four children and the 1871 census shows the family living with Marion’s mother, Marion Brodie.

The sampler was worked in silk and wool on wool and is in excellent condition. It has been conservation mounted and in its fine, original rosewood frame with gilt liner.



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