Fully Worked Sampler of Houses in a Country Setting,

Fully Worked Sampler of Houses in a Country Setting,

United States, circa 1860

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sampler size: 10¼" x 16¾" • framed size: 13" x 19½" • price: sold

A delightfully folky needlework picture, this features two brick houses, a pond with three large white swans and, somewhat improbably, a basket with a pyramid of fruit and two butterflies. Solidly stitched in wool, this composition includes many wonderful and whimsical details. Some of these are the smoke coming from chimneys, top-hatted man with his cane and dog, white picket fence, staircase leading up to one house, many animals, a flock black birds. Notable is the large, head-on face in the window of the lower house. The roof of the larger house was stitched with lettering, but this is difficult to read. 

An interesting border was formed from stylized flowers nestled into a gently scalloped edging. Worked in wool on linen, this is in excellent condition. It has been conservation mounted into a bird’s-eye maple frame.

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