Catharina Christiana Wijgel,

Catharina Christiana Wijgel,

Motif Sampler, Netherlands, 1797

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sampler size: 18¼” x 20¾” • framed size: 20¾” x 23¼” • sold

This outstanding Dutch motif sampler was made in 1797 in Amsterdam and offers a most beautiful composition and assortment of well-documented motifs. Significantly, at center is the Dutch Free Maiden standing in the Garden of Holland with her hat on a pole, representing national pride. In the four corners are Joshua and Caleb, the Spies of Canaan holding their oversize grape bunch, the crest of the city of Amsterdam, a pair of roosters behind gates and a windmill with a pair of children in traditional Dutch orphan uniforms. The date, “ANNO 1797,” is stitched in red into the blue body of the windmill. Among the many other motifs is a little church, tower structure, baskets and urns of flowers, peacock, swan and lion. The samplermaker stitched her initials inside a wreath at the top center which is upheld by a pair of crowned angles and flanked by geometric stars and large pigeons. Overall, a very appealing composition, beautifully executed. 

Quite fortunately, the initials of the maker, CCW, and her parents, CK and IMW, allowed for identification. Catharina Christiana Wijgel was the daughter of Christina Krop and Jan Machiel Wijgel, who were married in 1780. She was born in Amsterdam on November 9, 1783, and married Willem Frederik Hendricks in 1800. She died in 1810. Copies of Dutch records accompany the sampler. 

Worked in silk on linen it is in excellent condition, conservation mounted into a silver-gold leaf frame. 







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