Sarles - Kipp Family Register,

Sarles - Kipp Family Register,

Pen and Ink on Paper, Mount Pleasant, Westchester County, New York, circa 1810

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framed size: 13¼” x 11” • sight size: 10¼” x 8½” • price: $1800

The practice of a recording family vital records was an important one for American samplermakers, resulting in many fine family register samplers. We are delighted to offer this pen and ink on paper example, which parallels the samplermaking tradition. It records the family of John Sarles (1769-1843) and Prudence Kipp (1773-1848) of Mount Pleasant, Westchester County, New York, just north of Tarrytown. The ancestry of both John and Prudence extend back for generations in the area; the Kip / Kipp family was one of the most prominent of New Netherland for many generations, beginning in the mid-17th century when Kip’s Bay House was built in 1655 by leading citizen Jacobus Kip. The Kip family owned the land that is now 26th to 42nd Street, from Lexington to the East River. In 1915 a youth program was established in the neighborhood and endures as an important community institution today, as Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. History of the Kip Family in America by Frederic Ellsworth Kip and Patriots and Loyalists – An American Family from Colonial Times by Mary Judith Robinson publish a great deal of fascinating history about this family, and extensive photocopies accompany this piece.

The oval composition - surrounded by sawtooth border and embellished with three large hearts - is highly appealing.  A great number of aphorisms, such as, “To bring up children right it’s agreed Is hard and difficult indeed Yet in this virtuous parents find the truest pleasures of the mind,” fill the spaces.

In overall good condition with some losses along the bottom edge, in a 19th century frame.


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