Panel of Buttons, Buttonholes

Panel of Buttons, Buttonholes

and Loop Fasteners,
Europe, circa 1850

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panel: 6¼” x 8¼” • frame size: 8¾” x 11” • price: $260

Another example from the grouping of 19th century hand-stitched schoolgirl clothing and related examples is this panel of tiny mother-of-pearl buttons seven with buttonholes, seven with loop fasteners. [please click "read more" for detail photos]

Young girls in charity schools and orphanages in various European countries learned practical hand sewing and tailoring skills that could be applied to a future career in service or to the obvious expectations that they would be able to make clothing as a wife and mother. Lessons resulted in the production of small items of clothing and other small examples that were proof of the student’s skills.


Detail of buttons:


Verso of panel:


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