Needlework Picture on Laid Paper,

Needlework Picture on Laid Paper,

 probably England, circa 1820

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sight size: 4¾” x 6” • framed size: 8¼” x 9½” • sold

Occasionally needleworkers in the late 18th and early 19th centuries stitched pictures onto paper and we are always pleased when we are able to find one of these. Paper is an unforgiving ground as it allows for no missteps – a hole made by the needle must be incorporated into the picture. This needlework picture was accomplished on laid paper which can be identified by its ribbed texture. This surface comes from the manufacturing process and it was in use until the early 19th century when it was largely supplanted by wove paper.

Dominating this scene is a large peacock in seeming conversation with a small, fat bird perched on a flowering tree. A pink-breasted shore bird standing on one leg completes the trio. The striated ground is a wonderful combination of greens, blues and tan.

Worked in silk on laid paper, this is in excellent condition and in a 19th century mat and frame.


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