Mary Stone,

Mary Stone,

England, circa 1820

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sampler size: 12¼” x 15¾” • framed size: 14¼” x 18” • sold

A finely stitched sampler with a handsome and classic English composition, this was worked by Mary Stone, age 10 and dates circa 1820. The brick house is centered on a lawn of evergreen trees and a pair of towers, each with birds and a banner weathervane. An excellent, large basket with a highly developed pyramid of fruit sits at the top of the sampler. Mary stitched a highly unusual text outlined within a tightly stitched and shaded framework. We hadn’t known of this prose on any sampler previously and found that it was from an interesting book, The Oeconomy of Human Life In Two Parts Translated from an Indian Manuscript, Written by an Ancient Brahmin, published as early as 1765. Worked with letter-perfect precision by young Mary, this is beautifully worded advice to children regarding the reverence that they should show to their parents. 

The sampler was worked in silk on wool and is in excellent condition with one very small area of darning to the wool, to the right of the house. It has been conservation mounted into a molded and painted frame.


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