Mary L. Bicknell, Weymouth,

Mary L. Bicknell, Weymouth,

Franklin County, Massachusetts, 1827

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sampler size: 15½” x 17” • framed size: 17½” x 19” • sold

The Bicknell family in America traces its roots back to Zachary Bicknell (1590-1636), who was born in Somerset, England.  He sailed to Massachusetts and settled in Weymouth, just southeast of Boston on Massachusetts Bay. Much of the family remained there for generations, some living in the Bicknell Homestead acknowledged to be the oldest house in Weymouth, built by his son, John, in 1650.

This fine sampler is signed, “Mary L. Bicknell AE 10 Years. Weymouth Wrought 1827.” Mary Lovell Bicknell was born in 1816, the daughter of Lovell and Rebecca (Dyer) Bicknell. Mary worked alphabets, a couplet that warns as to the brevity of life, and an excellent little scene of trees, flowers, birds on a lawn. She surrounded it all with a border of buds and leaves on a rhythmic vine and her needlework is very precise throughout. 

In 1835, she married Daniel Bates (1811-1869) and they remained in Weymouth where they had three children. Mary died in 1852 and is buried in Fairmount Cemetery in Weymouth. 

The sampler is worked in silk on linen and is in excellent condition. It has been conservation mounted and is in a molded and black painted frame. 

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