Mary Collings, England, 1785

Mary Collings, England, 1785

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sampler size: 12¼” x 7¾” • framed size: 15¾” x 11¼” • sold

This beautiful, polychrome sampler was worked by Mary Collings in 1785. A fine display of alphabets and numerical progressions, along with rows of decorative bands are worked down the center of the composition. Below this and separated by a wider, bolder band is Mary’s inscription, which is flanked by two delightful couplets: “Strive to excell [sic] In doing Well,” and “Beauty’s a flower Which fades In an hour.” A beautiful variety of flower sprigs including one stemming from a cornucopia in the lower left corner, creates a wonderful framework and add to an overall organic quality to this sampler, which includes a varied vocabulary of stitches.

Worked in silk on wool, Miss Collings sampler remains in excellent condition with a few secured areas of weakness to the wool ground. It has been conservation mounted into a gold painted frame with a carved inner edge.

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