Marking Sampler,

Marking Sampler,

probably English, circa 1825

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sampler size: 10½” x 10¼” • framed size: 12½” x 12¼” • price: $700

Marking or alphabet samplers were intended to teach schoolgirls how to stitch the alphabet and numbers so that they could embroider and mark household linens. Generally, these samplers primarily displayed an uppercase alphabet, a lowercase alphabet and a numerical progression of one through ten. That was practiced here in the top half of this sampler; however, and quite unusually, our needleworker went on to stitch an additional numerical progression, filling the bottom half with the numbers one through one hundred! A more thorough practice indeed. A procession of small, classic motifs lines the bottom border of this charming needlework.

Worked in silk and linen on linen, this sampler remains in good condition, with several secured areas of weakness and darkening to the linen on the right side. It has been conservation mounted and a black painted, molded frame has been made for it.

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