Maria Bell, Wigan,

Maria Bell, Wigan,

Lancashire, England, 1873

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sampler size: 6¾” x 12” • framed size: 8½” x 13¾” • sold

While we specialize in schoolgirl samplers worked prior to 1850, occasionally we find later samplers stitched in the same fine traditions as early samplers. This little sampler by Maria Bell fits squarely into this notion. Maria stitched a classic, simple marking sampler, practicing her upper and lowercase alphabets, numeric progression and her name and street address – a feature rarely found on any sampler.

Born in 1864, Maria was the daughter of Thomas, a seedsman and florist, and Lucy Bell, and, according to burial records, indeed they did reside at 17 Dicconson Street in Wigan, Lancashire, England. Wigan, located in the northwest region of the country on the River Douglas, it was most notably a coal mining town, but also known for milling, porcelain manufacturing and clock making. Maria died at the age of 10 in 1864, just a year after completing her sampler.

Worked in linen on linen, it remains in excellent condition and has been conservation mounted into a black painted, molded frame.

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