Margaret Landels,

Margaret Landels,

Mrs. Foster, instructress, England or Scotland, 1771

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Sampler size: 21” x 17” • Framed size: 23½” x 19” • sold

We are delighted to offer this handsome and beautifully worked sampler once again.  We featured it in our very first Samplings catalogue in the spring of 1992, and recently had the opportunity to reacquire it.  And, to the buyer’s wonderful advantage, the sampler is now offered at a lower price than it was 27 years ago.

The sampler proudly portrays a quoined manor house flanked by a pair of trees and large female figures, with arms akimbo, sitting atop a front lawn. The yard is filled with a parade of animals, perhaps llamas but probably long-necked sheep, split by a wonderful gated front path to the door. The classic symmetrical composition also features a pair of swans in fully worked squares, urns of flowers each on their own hillock and a variety of other flowering plants and birds. Above the house a leafy vine contains a pattern favored by needleworkers for a century at this point – a fountain with a pair of birds.

The inscription along the bottom reads, “Margaret Landels age 13 Year 1771 Mrs. Foster AL KL.” Mrs. Foster was certainly Margaret’s teacher and AL and KL are the initials of her parents. A very neatly stitched framework adds strength to the overall composition.

Worked in silk on linen, the sampler is in excellent condition. It has been conservation mounted and remains in its excellent mahogany frame with line inlay.


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