Manuela Mozo,

Manuela Mozo,

Spain, 1826

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sampler size: 19¾” x 16½” • framed size: 19¾” x 16½” • sold

We have long enjoyed the samplers made in Spain and Colonial Spain and this one was likely made in Spain. Many of these samplers present interesting bands and borders that are finely worked, as well as little motifs that depict household objects. Along with the alphabet and vowels, this sampler is signed, “LO HIZO MANUELA MOZO DE EDAD DE 8 ANOS REINANDO NUESTRO AUGUSTO MONARCA DON FERNANDO VII ANO DE 1826.” This translates to read, “Made by Manuela Mozo aged 8 years during the reign of our august monarch Don Fernando VII year of 1826.” It’s unusual to find mention of the reigning monarch on a sampler. This is followed by a numerical progression and a small, beautifully stitched ampersand. 

One large and two small leafy trees float in an open space. Manuela, or her teacher, may have intended that other pictorial motifs would join the trees or perhaps this was considered complete. The trees, chairs, keys, table and bed that were stitched along the bottom are delightful.

Worked in silk on linen, this is in excellent condition and it has been conservation mounted into a molded maple frame. 



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