Lydia Young,

Lydia Young,

Lincoln, Penobscot County, Maine,
Instructress Rebekah Morton, 1833

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sampler size: 15¾” x 17¼” • framed size: 18½ x 19¾” • sold

Lydia Burkett Young was born in August 7, 1823 to Sally (Bradford) and James Young, a mariner living in Maine. According to her sampler, Sally and James were each born in St. George, a coastal peninsula across from Friendship, Maine. They married in St. George as well, and their children noted on the sampler were born there between 1821 and 1832. Within a year of the birth of their youngest child, the family removed to Lincoln, Maine, about 120 miles north. Lydia’s sampler was made there, under the instruction of Rebekah Morton as noted on the sampler, which is dated September 13, 1833.

This is a family register sampler, noting important dates in her immediate family’s history. This form was typically found in New England, but it is interesting to note how remote Lincoln, Maine – included in the upper right corner – truly is: Lincoln is non-costal and north even of Bangor, only about 70 miles from Canada.  Notable, Lydia also stitched “USA” in the bottom right corner.

The text of the sampler reads:

James Young Born In St George July 10 1796

Sally Bradford Born In St George Sept Th6 1800

Were Married In St George October Th 5 1818

Mary B Young Born In St George April 23 1821

Lydia B Young Born In St G August 7 1823

Alexander Young Born In St G April 20 1829

Susan B Young Born In St G August 23 1832

Wrought by Lydia B Young September The

13 1833 Rebekah Morton Instructress * USA

Lydia’s maternal ancestors are of interest in that her mother, Sally Bradford, was a direct descendant of William Bradford, Mayflower pilgrim and second governor of New Plymouth, colloquially known as Plymouth Plantation. Lydia’s great-grandfather Cornelius (b. 1737) relocated from Massachusetts to Maine as a child. During the move, his parents were killed and he was abducted by Indians who took him to Quebec where he remained in captivity for about three years. He eventually settled in Friendship, Maine, close to St. George. Additional information on the Bradford family can be found in Genealogical Memoir of the Descendants of William Bradford (Guy M. Fessenden, Boston: 1850). A complete file of genealogy accompanies the sampler.

Lydia married George Kaler Burkett of Waldoboro, Maine on October 1, 1841. Tragically, he passed away in 1844. That same year, Lydia’s older sister Mary B. married George’s older brother, Gorham Burket. Perhaps with Mary and Gorham, Lydia moved to the Boston, Massachusetts area.

Lydia eventually married again to George Washington Sturtevant on December 30, 1853 in Chelsea, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts. Also from an old Massachusetts family, George’s sixth generation forefather, Samuel Sturtevant (1625-1669) emigrated to Plymouth in 1649. The couple had one daughter and remained in Suffolk county, variously in Boston and Newton, until her husband’s death on May 10, 1881. In each subsequent census, Lydia was listed as living in different towns, Needham, Massachusetts, Pepperell, Massachusetts and Plymouth, New Hampshire.  Amazingly, Lydia lived to be 99 years old, passing away in 1922.

The sampler is worked in silk on linen and is in excellent condition. It has been conservation mounted and is in a black painted frame.


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