Lucy B. Hatch,

Lucy B. Hatch,

Marshfield, Plymouth County,
Massachusetts, 1821

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sampler size: 17” x 16” • framed size: 20¾” x 19¾” • sold

Lucy Briggs Hatch, age 11 (“in the 12th year of her age”), and living in the coastal town of Marshfield, Massachusetts, worked this praiseworthy sampler which offers an appealing and crisp composition. She seems to have enjoyed a certain symmetry as evidenced by her brick double-chimney house centered within fencing and mirror-image plantings, her verse centered between berry bushes, her uppercase vowels flanked by budding branches and her inscription as it traverses the space bordering and between the chimneys. The geometric perimeter, perhaps a stylized swag and tassel, is one rarely seen on samplers. Overall, the sampler offers a pleasing aesthetic. 

The Hatch family lived in Marshfield, located on the South Shore of Boston, where Cape Cod Bay meets Massachusetts Bay. The first Hatch ancestor in America was Walter Hatch (1625-1699) who was born in England and emigrated as a child with his family in 1634. Lucy’s branch of the family had remained in Plymouth County since then.

Her parents were Israel Hatch (1782-1822) and Abiah Winslow (Thomas) Briggs (1782-1866), who married in Marshfield in 1809 and Lucy was born on June 26, 1810. In 1834 she married, as his second wife, Charles Warren Macomber (1808-1876), also in Marshfield, the son of Dr. Charles Macomber and his wife Dorothy (Hitchcock) Macomber; Dr. Macomber was a graduate of Harvard College and a much-respected physician of Marshfield. The Macomber Genealogy by Everett S. Stackpole (Press of the Journal Company, Lewiston, Maine) indicates that Lucy and Charles lived on the “ancestral estate” and had three children, Israel, Sarah and Ellen. Charles died in 1888 and Lucy died in 1892; she is buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery in Marshfield.

Worked in silk on linen, the sampler is in excellent condition. It has been conservation mounted and is in a beveled cherry frame with a figured maple bead.

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