Lucretia Prescott,

Lucretia Prescott,

Litchfield, Connecticut, 1825

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sampler size: 17” x 11½” • frame size: 20¼” x 14¾” • price: $3300

Family Register samplers were uniquely American when they were first made in the early 19th century; this form of sampler served to document the vital statistics of a family while providing a worthy project for a young samplermaker. Lucretia Prescott was 10 years old, living in the town of Litchfield, in northwestern Connecticut when she worked this praiseworthy piece. It begins with renditions of the alphabet, presents the family register and proceeds to a poem that extolls the sampler as a canvas that charms the eye, but warns that only the immortal mind will survive time. It finishes with an excellent portrayal of a basket of flowers flanked by leafy branches with large blossoms. This must have been considered an impressive accomplishment for ten-year-old Lucretia.

James and Lucretia (Culver) Prescott were married in 1799 and had nine children, with their daughter Lucretia was second to last. The Prescott family in America began with John Prescott (1604-1681) who was born in Lancashire, England and sailed to Massachusetts in 1641. Generations later, a branch of the family removed to eastern Connecticut and then to Litchfield.

Research into the history of the maternal side of this family, the Culvers, was also productive. Lucretia’s ancestry, Samuel Culver (1691-1770), was born in Norwich, New London County, Connecticut and, with his parents, removed to Litchfield in 1698. He became one of the important early settlers of this area, prominent in many aspects of the affairs of the town.  Descendants from the many children that he and his wife, Hannah (Hibbard) Culver had carried on this legacy in Litchfield for many generations. 

The sampler was worked in silk on linen and is in excellent condition. It has been conservation mounted and is in a beveled cherry frame with a maple bead. 


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