Frances B. Hill, England, 1845

Frances B. Hill, England, 1845

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sampler size: 18½” x 19½” • framed size: 22½” x 23½” • price: $3200

This highly pleasing pictorial sampler was stitched by Frances B. Hill in the tenth year of her age (hence she was nine years old) in 1845, as she so notes in her sampler inscription. It features a delineated brick house with wonderful, double stepped-in chimneys, mullioned windows and a hip roof with a perched red-breasted bird, sprig in its mouth, at the top of the roofline. A lady is framed in the doorway at the top of a checkered staircase that stretches out onto the lawn. She welcomes a gentleman on horseback, a seated cat and a brown and white dog, which Miss Hill has worked on her green grassy yard; all of these provide splendid animation to the sampler.

The house is flanked by a pair of tall, serrated pine trees that echo the lines of the house. On each side of the stepped lawn sits a towering flower in a two-handled vase, one with a butterfly and one with a bird. In the tradition of English pictorial samplers, Frances’s work is nicely symmetrical. Below the scene she worked a classic sampler verse and this is flanked by another pair of sprightly potted flowers. An unusual and delightful border which includes the repeat of many free-standing, low potted flowers and carnation sprigs creates a particularly handsome framework.

Worked in silk on linen, this sampler is in excellent condition. It has been conservation mounted into a fine painted period frame.

image of the reverse

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