Embroidered Tent Hanging,

Embroidered Tent Hanging,

Tree of Life with Sacred Cows, India, Early 20th century

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size: 60” (excluding the hanging tabs) x 40” • sold

An extraordinary and striking visual delight, this is a hand-embroidered tent hanging that used the traditional Tree of Life as its central motif. The wonderful pair of sacred cows, adorned with necklaces and cowbells, are nibbling at the lowest fronds of the tree and three brilliant, parrots are perched in the branches. The repeated use of the serrated leaves and splendid, red flowers with pointed petals sets up a wonderful aesthetic to the composition. Of addition note is the excellent use of many varied shades of green, lending great depth to the leaves and the lawn. All of the flower petals are outlined with yellow thread that provides great clarity; gold metallic thread outlines and defines the cows similarly. This may have been the work of a professional embroiderer. 

Silk and metallic thread on cotton. The binding, a woven plaid and the back, pieced and quilted linen, are original. It is in excellent condition.

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Photo of reverse


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