Elizabeth West, England, 1782

Elizabeth West, England, 1782

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sampler size: 13¾” x 12½” • framed size: 15¾” x 14½” • sold

A beautifully worked sampler filled with tight needlework and a wonderful assortment of verse, bands, motifs and little vignettes, this is signed, “Elizabeth West her work May ye 3 1782.” The archaic, long form of the letter S was used in many instances, including within her surname.

We thought it would be helpful to transcribe the many quotations and verse that are included on the sampler, along with some of the published sources and authors, as below:

Education grounded on good Principles teaches us not to be overjoyed in/


(The Universal Spelling Book by Daniel Fenning, 1770)


Let me O temperance with the[sic] retreat

Whether thou joinst yon sober social train

Or takest in rural solitude thy seat

Far from the proud and noisy and the vain


But temperance thou more valu’d far than gold

Wilt still each virtuous Heart felt joy inhanse [sic]

This thine to Paint the Fair ones cheek with health

And ev’ry real mortal Bliss advance.


The slothful Man is a burden to himself his Hours hang heavy on his head he

Loitereth about and knoweth not what he would do

(Elegant Extracts: Or Useful and Entertaining Passages in Prose, Selected for the Improvement of Young Persons being similar in Design to Elegant Extracts in Poetry by Vicesimus Knox, 1790)


All Arts by powerful Industry are gain’d

And by continud [sic] Exercise retain’d

(Sententiae Selectae, Or, a collection of miscellaneous sentences, divine, moral and historical in Prose and Verse, English and Latin by Edward Curray, 1732)


Knowledge and Learning Riches and Honour even in their most Resplendent Gallentry

Are but insignificant Pageantry without Piety and Virtue

(An Introduction to Spelling and Reading English: Being the most plain and easy method of teaching young children to read, 1750)


The greatest happiness we can here attain is to enjoy the good things which

God give us with Innocent pleasure and to bear up under all the evils of Life

With a contented cheerful spirit

(Sermon: The reasons why Christians should always rejoice, 1 Thess. V. 16. Rejoice evermore by Joseph Morris, 1743)


Worked in silk on wool, the sampler is in excellent condition with some very minor secured areas. It has been conservation mounted and is in a molded and black painted frame.

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