Elizabeth Hind, England, 1763

Elizabeth Hind, England, 1763

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sampler size: 12” x 8¾” • framed size: 16” x 12¾” • sold

A handsome and beautifully stitched band sampler, this was made by Elizabeth Hind, and is dated March 10, 1763. The bottom register is particularly delightful, with a freeform basket of flowers, fruit tree, large butterflies, caterpillar and seated dog. Various little hearts, dogs, crowns, flower sprigs, trees and garlands of flowers provide very appealing line-end embellishments throughout the sampler. A tight border of tiny diamond shapes frames the sampler nicely.

Elizabeth stitched three excellent quotations that were published in the 18th century:

“A wise man valueth content more than riches and a vertuous mind more than great promotion”  

“Learning is the temperonc of youth the comfort of old age and the onely sure guide to honour and perferment” (the word used in publications is “preferment”)

“Devotion is the souls securest guard and conscious virtue is its own reward”

This sampler was included in an exhibition entitled All Creatures Great and Small that Witney Antiques of Oxfordshire, England, held in 1996. It was published as figure 6 in their accompanying catalogue.

Worked in silk on wool, the sampler is in excellent condition and has been conservation mounted into a fine, reproduction frame.

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