Eliza Golden, Norwich,

Eliza Golden, Norwich,

Norfolk, England, 1805

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sampler size: 9¼” x 8¼” • framed size: 10¾” x 9¾” • sold

The large group of samplers made in Norfolk, England over many decades form one of that country’s most delightful and interesting groups as evidenced in Joanne Lukacher’s excellent book, Imitation and Improvement: The Norfolk Sampler Tradition (In the Company of Friends, 2013). While there are many strong, shared characteristics, there are also many variations and these samplers are highly sought after.

Eliza Golden made this small and very appealing sampler in 1805 and she included the classic Norfolk linked octagons featuring her inscription in the center octagon flanked by a lovely little pair of flower baskets. The band of pendant acorns, also a Norfolk characteristic with many interesting variations, appears as a prominent band in the upper register and a whimsical pair of backwards-facing parrots decorates the lowermost register. The parrots are identical in design to those on Jessy Lambert’s sampler of 1831 illustrated in Imitation and Improvement on page 275.

While identifying the maker with certainty cannot be done in this case, she was likely the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Bradley) Golden of Downham Market in Norwich. Their daughter, Elizabeth, was baptized in 1790.

Worked in silk on very fine linen, the sampler is in excellent condition with a few very tiny holes to the linen. It has been conservation mounted and is in its fine original frame. A photo of the back of the sampler is instructive.

(image of the reverse)

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