Elisabeth Taylor, England, 1813

Elisabeth Taylor, England, 1813

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sampler size: 9” x 10¼” • framed size: 11¼” x 12½” • sold

This very fine and pleasing sampler was worked by Elisabeth Taylor in 1813. She composed a symmetrical grouping of potted flowers, with a large central arrangement in an interesting pink and blue stylized urn. Vining flowers and an additional ivory band frame the sampler on all four sides. Working on a semi-sheer gauze linen one can see how neatly Elisabeth worked, further evidenced in the image of the reverse (shown below).

Worked in silk on gauze linen, this sampler remains in excellent condition, but with a couple of secured areas to the gauze. It has been conservation mounted and placed in a black painted, molded frame.

 (image of back of sampler)

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