Elisabeth Clark, England, circa 1730

Elisabeth Clark, England, circa 1730

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sampler size:18” x 8½” • framed size: 20¼” x 10¾” • price: sold

In keeping with the fashion of 18th century needlework design, Elisabeth Clark created a handsome band sampler with rows and rows of lettering, including alphabets, family initials, her inscription, which reads “Elisabeth Clark was born December 21 in the year of our Lord 1719,” endorsing the remarkably early age of this work, and then The Lord’s Prayer. Following this, and in a most unusual round format with a sawtooth border, Elisabeth worked a modified Ten Commandments, along with a title “THE TWO TABLES OR THE WHOLE DUTY OF MAN,” her name again and “Matthew the 22 37 39 on these two commandments hang al the law and the prophets verse.” Miss Clark executed a very appealing and atypical composition.

Worked in silk on linen, this sampler remains in excellent condition, with some mild foxing to the ground fabric. It has been conservation mounted and is now in a black painted, molded frame.

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