CSW, Practice Sampler,

CSW, Practice Sampler,

German, 1794

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sampler size: 10½” x 6¾” • framed size: 12½” x 8¾” • sold

An interesting little sampler, this must have been more of a practice piece than one made to be framed and we find it to have an endearing charm. The alphabets and the crown-topped cartouche with the maker’s initials and the date, 1794, are read in one direction, and the charming little pictorial motifs - a ladder, bird on a perch and with an owl on top of the bird, a tall blue vase of flowers, a little deer, tall lady, table and chair - were worked in the opposite direction. Additionally, one alphabet was worked out of order with N through W appearing before A through M. The maker may have been learning stitches and practicing for a subsequent, larger sampler. The alphabets, cartouche and pictorial motifs exhibit classic German characteristics.

Worked in silk on linen, the sampler is in excellent condition. It has been conservation mounted and framed in an early pine frame.


Detail of images stitched upside-down from top of sampler (flipped).




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