Clement Family Register, 1805, Haddonfield School, New Jersey

Clement Family Register, 1805, Haddonfield School, New Jersey

Camden, New Jersey, 1805, Attributed to Hannah Gibbs Clement

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sampler size: 17¾” x 15¼” • framed size: 19¼” x 17¾” • sold

A very finely worked 1805 family register, this is the only sampler known to have been made the Haddonfield School, in Camden County, New Jersey. The format is quite handsome as well as unusual – names, birth and death dates are stitched into octagons organized under an arch and surrounded by finely stitched Quaker sampler motifs. This Quaker school, according to its own literature, was founded in 1786 by the Religious Society of Friends, as the “first real school in the community,” and the first school building was constructed. In 1809, land on Haddon Ave, adjacent to the Meeting burial ground was given to trustees of the Haddonfield Grove School Trustees, including John Clement, to build a one-room schoolhouse (History of Camden County, New Jersey). Notably, John Clement, whose family is the subject of this sampler, was one of the trustees and original founders of the Haddonfield School.

The sampler is entitled at the top, “Names & ages of John and Sarah Clement’s Children”. John was born in Gloucester, New Jersey and removed to Camden to raise his family. He married Sarah Gibbs, who was likely born in Gloucester Co. and affiliated with the Haddonfield, Burlington and Chesterfield Monthly Meetings in the late 1780s. Sarah’s ancestry can be traced back to John Howland, a Mayflower pilgrim who arrived in Massachusetts in 1620 as per information from published family genealogies.

John and Sarah married in 1793 and their first child was Elizabeth Tily Clement “born June the 2nd 1794 died 26 of September 1795”. Their second child, Hannah Gibbs Clement, was likely the sampler maker, as she was their only daughter old enough to have made this sampler in 1805. Her vital information is greatly worn and not legible. Other siblings listed on the sampler are:

Abigail R Clement was born February 21st 1798 died 17 of November 1800 Ann S Clement was born January 30th 1800 died 5th of December 1804 Sarah Clement was born February the 9th 1802 Nathaniel Tily Clement was born July the 19th 1804

Following these children, John and Sarah had three more children, Unfortunately, Sarah died in 1813, only months after the birth of her youngest child.

John remarried in 1817 to Hannah Chew (1784-1834), producing four more children. According to their marriage record, John Clement was listed as a judge.

The samplermaker, Hannah Gibbs Clement, married Jeremiah J Foster of Cumberland Co. on August 15, 1816 in Haddonfield. She is mentioned several times in the minutes of Haddonfield, New Jersey Monthly Meeting throughout the early 19th century. She died on February 5, 1828.

The sampler was worked in silk on fine linen gauze. It shows loss and wear to both the silk and the linen and has been conservation mounted and fully stabilized. While the condition isn’t up to our usual standards, this is quite a rare and interesting sampler.


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