Charlotte Doctor, Dundee, Angus, Scotland, 1827

Charlotte Doctor, Dundee, Angus, Scotland, 1827

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sampler size: 21½” x 16½” • framed size: 28" x 23" • sold

Scottish samplers offer enormous appeal with their pictorial qualities and distinctive characteristics. Buildings, stylized trees, peacocks, animals, birds and baskets embellish these samplers all while indicating the high level of skill of Scottish schoolgirls. In this case, the maker was 12-year-old Charlotte Doctor who included the initials of her parents, JD and HP, in the framework at center; a stitched line just above that reads, “Dundee the year of our Lord 1827.” With help from the Scottish sampler experts at, we are able to further identify the samplermaker.

Charlotte Doctor was born in Dundee on June 6, 1814 to Helen (Peddie 1787-1849) and Joseph Doctor (1783-1858), a farmer; they were married in Dundee in 1807. Charlotte was the fourth of their ten children. On November 24, 1846, in Dundee, she married George Sturdy and they had one son, Matthew, born in 1848. Charlotte died in 1871 of pneumonia.

Included on the sampler is a wonderful grove of evergreen trees set on a raised chenille lawn with four tiny deer grazing on it. Additionally, large striped birds perch on branches with white berries and another pair of birds, worked in lustrous beige silk, fly above. Charlotte imbued her sampler with a lovely sense of whimsey.

Worked in silk on linen, the sampler is in excellent condition and it has been conservation mounted into its original frame with a recently replaced eglomise glass mat.


Reverse of sampler


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