Carolina Freiderica Trierin,

Carolina Freiderica Trierin,

Leipzig, Germany, 1765

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sight size: 13¾” square • framed size: 17½” square • sold

Northern European samplers from the 18th century can display a remarkable quality of fine, tight stitches, often worked in a delicate palette. This sampler is solidly stitched and certainly a most impressive example. The stitching was completed so precisely that the back is a clear reverse of the front (depicted below), as seen in a photo taken of the reverse. Carolina Friederica Trierin finished her work on August 11, 1765 in Leipzig, as she so notes in pale blue silk thread. This lovely blue was used for all of the lettering, including the poem which conveys an important theme: stay diligent and happy. A translation of the verse includes the phrase, “The diligence of your work will reward you abundantly.”

At the top Carolina’s initials and date are contained within a cartouche of a pink flowering wreath, and flanked by other sprigs and buds. A fine border of black-eyed pink and yellow buds on a green vine frames the work well on all four sides, along with the fine, original teal green tasseled tape. In the overall this is quite an accomplishment.

Ms. Trierin’s fully worked silk on linen sampler remains in excellent condition with one very minor secured area of weakness. It has been conservation mounted into a fine period gold frame.

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