Anne Poore

Anne Poore

Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts,1782

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framed size: 21¾” x 19” • sampler size: 16¾” x 14½” • sold

Samplers made in Newbury and Newburyport, Massachusetts, coastal towns near the New Hampshire border, form a highly significant group with strong pictorial characteristics; these samplers can exhibit a free-form folk aesthetic with great appeal. This delightful sampler, made circa 1782 by twelve-year-old Anne Poore of Newbury, is a fine example from this group.

The substantial scene dominating the sampler depicts a lady and a gentleman with a leashed dog and several farm animals. A large bird is perched in the central fruit tree and two butterflies hover in the sky. Interestingly, all of the people and animals are shown in silhouette and face the same direction, as if all heading towards the same off-camera interest.

This sampler is signed, “Anne Poore Was Born June 15th 1770 AE12 years.” The verse, “Swift as the sun revolves the day we hasten to the dead / Slaves to the wind we puff away and to the ground we tread,” was authored by Isaac Watt. It was widely published throughout the 18th century and used by other Newbury samplermakers.

As she stitched on her sampler, Anne Poore was born on June 15, 1770. She was the daughter of Katherine (Knight, 1744-1793) and Captain Nathan Poore (1741-1806) of Newbury. Nathan was born in Newbury and became a ship-master then a trader and shipper with a store on Water Street in Newburyport. Anne was the third of their seven children; her older brother Daniel (1767-1840) became a silversmith and jeweler in Portland, Maine and there are records that indicate that her mother was a silversmith as well.

At age 22, Anne married Micajah Ingalls on July 28, 1792. He was the son of Benjamin and Rebecca (Pearson) Ingalls of Andover, Massachusetts and had served in the Revolutionary War in Captain Lovejoy’s company, out of Portsmouth. They had two children, Catherine and Rebecca; sadly, Micajah died on September 5, 1794, eight months before the birth of their second daughter. Anne married Captain Thomas Griffith Pritchett (1771-1854) and that marriage produced three surviving children. Anne died on August 10, 1861 and is buried in the First Parish Burying Ground in Newbury. Much of this information is published in A Memoir and Genealogy of John Poore. by Alfred Poore (Salem, Mass, 1881), Anne being a fifth-generation descendant of John Poore (1614-1684). Her maternal lineage descends from Bathsheba (Ingersoll) and John Knight, Sr. (1626-1677), who emigrated from Gloucestershire, England to Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 1641.

The sampler was worked in silk on linen and is in excellent condition. It has been conservation mounted and is in a cherry frame with a maple bead.


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