Anne Pomeroy,

Anne Pomeroy,

White Dove School, Deerfield,
Massachusetts, circa 1796

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sampler size: 17” x 10½” • framed size: 19½” x 13” • sold

The “White Dove Samplers” from Deerfield, Massachusetts were made in the decades of the late 18th through early 19th centuries and are distinguished by several characteristics, including the eponymous large white birds outlined with contrasting colors. Anne Pomeroy’s fine sampler is a newly discovered addition to this White Dove group. Along with her white doves, Anne worked other motifs found on samplers from this group including crowned lions and graphic depictions of pine trees.

The Pomeroy family in the Deerfield area began with Eltweed Pomeroy (1585-1673), who came to America in 1630, in 1671 settled in Northampton, Massachusetts. New England Families Genealogical and Memorial, Vol IV (Lewis Historical Publishing Company, New York, 1913) contains much information about the family, extending back many generations to the English ancestry and forward to Jane’s great-grandfather, Joseph Pomeroy (1672-1712). While this sampler isn’t dated, Anne did include several initials on her work, and these provided the clues to identify her. On the line above her name, each surmounted by a crown, are the initials for the first names of her parents, Medad Pomeroy (1736-1819) and Mary (Willcocks) Pomeroy (1740-1821), and some of her siblings, Eunice, David, Mary and Moses.

As most samplers were made by girls in the age range of 11 to 13, this sampler would date circa 1796. In 1805, in Northampton, Anne married David Kelton (1773-1822) and they remained in Northampton and had seven children. After David’s death, Anne married Israel Pilgrim and she died in 1862 and is buried in Center Cemetery in Southampton.

Worked in silk on linen, the sampler is in excellent condition and has been conservation mounted into a black painted, molded frame. A photo of the reverse of the sampler taken prior to mounting indicates that it retains much of the original color.

image of the reverse of the sampler

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