Anna Spencer,

Anna Spencer,

“Lincoln Hospital” Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England, 1818

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sampler size: 11¾” x 12½ • framed size: 13¾” x 14½” • sold

English samplermakers occasionally stitched detailed depictions of public institutions and we are always delighted when we can offer such an example. Anna Spencer of Sleaford, an early town in Lincolnshire, about 120 miles north of London, used Lincoln Hospital as her subject and depicted it with great precision. This was the original hospital building, a purpose-built facility designed by John Carr and William Lumby and built in Drury Lane between 1776 and 1777. In his day, Carr was considered to be the leading architect in northern England. This building was demolished in 1876 to make way for a new facility.

The sampler is relatively small and the needlework is very fine. Many classic sampler motifs provide further decoration and an outstanding band, of early 18th century design, appears along the bottom of the sampler. The verse is a tribute to true friendship and was used by samplermakers for centuries. 

Worked in silk on wool, the sampler is in excellent condition. It has been conservation mounted and is in an ochre painted frame.



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