Ann Walker, American, 1830

Ann Walker, American, 1830

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sampler size: 16" square • frame size: 18" square • price: sold

The handsome polychrome sampler was stitched by Ann Walker in the year 1830. Working in a number of different stitches Ann displayed her talent through alphabets, decorative bands, verse and various motifs. Many family initials have been worked between alphabets, as well. At the end of her second alphabet are the initials S.M., which may have been those of her instructress.

“Jesus permit thy gracious name to stand / As the first efforts of A youthful hand / And while my fingers on this canvas move / Inspire my tender heart to seek thy love,” are the first four lines of the most common sampler verse of the early nineteenth century. In fact, it has been entitled, “Lines for a Sampler,” and “For a Lady’s Sampler;” however, it is difficult to say who the original author is.

Miss Walker surrounded her inscription on three sides with an unusual vine, and flanked it by a simple house and a wonderfully bright polychrome octagonal motif. Another unusual element is the band bordering the sampler at the top: a double leafy, undulating vine interspersed with multicolored asterisk-like motifs.

Worked in silk on linen, this sampler is in excellent condition. It has been conservation mounted and is in a molded and painted frame.

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