Ann Evans, England, 1845

Ann Evans, England, 1845

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sampler size: 12¾” x 19” • framed size: 16¾” x 19” • sold

Some of the finest of all English samplers feature praiseworthy, lyrical scenes of beautifully worked houses with strong architecture set in lush, verdant landscapes with large animals, both wild and domestic, birds and detailed trees. Our Ann Evans sampler is one such example and relates to earlier examples that have been held in the highest esteem for many years.

One of these specific samplers was featured on the cover of the book, Samplers from the Victoria and Albert Museum by Clare Browne and Jennifer Wearden (Victoria and Albert Publications, 1999) and as plate 56 in the book [link: ]. Worked in 1785 it is a closely related and terrifically interesting predecessor to the sampler that we offer. Along with the house, setting, animals (notably, spotted deer) and soaring birds, other highly distinctive and prominent similarities shared by these two samplers are the three-sided, intertwined flower borders and the two well-developed flower bouquets with raised silkwork throughout that begin in the upper corners and fill the areas both left and right of the house. We have owned yet another sampler that belongs to the same group, see below for an image of it. Worked years apart, these samplers are clearly connected, and the makers may also have been related.

The sampler was worked in silk on wool and is in excellent condition with two minor areas of weakness to the wool. It has been conservation mounted and is in a fine 19th century gold leaf frame.

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