Ann Daydon,

Ann Daydon,

Age 7, Norwich, Norfolk, 
England, 1799

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sampler size: 10” x 8¼” • framed size: 12” x 10¼” • price: sold

This delightfully charming little marking sampler was stitched by Ann Daydon when she was just seven years old. Evidently, she was already well on her way to becoming quite skilled with a needle and thread, and the equally neat back of the sampler (shown below) validates her talent. Being from Norfolk, this is of no surprise as there is a steeped history in the needle arts. We’ve turned to the highly respected scholar and author Joanne Lukacher and her book Imitation and Improvement: The Norfolk Sampler Tradition(In the Company of Friends, LLC, 2013) for some added insight on relating Miss Daydon’s sampler to others of the region.

While we realize this sampler is a preliminary example, and without the pictorial development and composition that can easily be matched to other works, we can discuss some evidence of relative Norfolk characteristics. Ms. Lukacher published several examples of marking samplers, and noted three specific ones to us, which include similarities of decorative bands, multicolor alphabets and a large eyelet-stitched alphabet; examples can be found on p. 213-217. The eye-catching deep pink geometric flowers and star motifs along the bottom of Ann’s sampler can clearly relate to many motifs found on examples throughout the Norfolk sampler book. While the highly appealing little symbols of the arrow-crossed hearts in the lower corners have not been found on other sampler from this region, they may surface in the future.

Ann was born in 1792 in Norwich, Norfolk, England to John and his second wife, Ann (Hart) Daydon; it appears she was their only child. She went on to marry Charles Beard in 1814 and they had four children, residing in and around London. Ann died in 1871; she was 79.

Worked in silk on linen, this sampler remains in excellent condition. It has been conservation mounted into a black painted, molded frame.

 (image of the back)

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