Almena Sherman,

Almena Sherman,

North Adams, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, circa 1825

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sampler size: 16¾" x 23¾" • framed size: 20¼" x 27¼" • sold

A handsome, large sampler this features an excellent pictorial register. The large brick house with a smaller house set to its side and the leafy trees are grounded by a neatly stitched fence that extends the full width of the scene, adding nicely to the composition of the sampler. A delightful line-up of people, busy with their various daily tasks such as strolling a baby carriage, tending to farm animals, and walking a dog, provide unusual animation. The samplermaker was Almena Sherman of North Adams in Berkshire County, Massachusetts; she signed her sampler as part of a verse, “Almena Sherman is my name / With my needle I wrote the same.” Both of her four-line poems add wonderfully to the overall appeal of her sampler.

Almena was born in 1812, the fifth of six children of Solomon and Sarah (Chadwick) Sherman. The early history of the Sherman family is notable and has been well documented in Some of the Descendants of Philip Sherman The First Secretary of Rhode Island by Roy V. Sherman (1968) and on Wikipedia (link: ).  Philip Sherman (1611-1687) was born in England and emigrated in 1633, settling initially in Massachusetts. After removing to Portsmouth, Rhode Island, he became Secretary of the colony and was one of five men chosen to lay out the town in 1739. He remained highly active in civic affairs for approximately 30 years.

In 1836, at age 24, Almena married William Weir (1798-1880), a master mason, and they had 6 children. They removed to New York State and Almena died there in 1865. 

The sampler was worked in silk on linen and is in excellent condition. It has been conservation mounted and is in a bevel bird’s-eye maple frame with an outer bead. 



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