Adeline Bryant,

Adeline Bryant,

Anson, Maine, 1826

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sampler size: 16¾” x 17¾” • framed size: 19½” x 20½” • price: $3800

This sampler exhibits an appealing composition with strong graphics that stem from its repeated alphabets, tightly worked verse and outstanding border formed of large, stylized queen’s-stitched blossoms. It was worked by Adeline Bryant of Anson, Maine and finished on June 26, 1826. Quite notably, it was on the cover of an early book (shown here), The Development of Embroidery in America by Candace Wheeler, published by Harper & Brothers in New York in 1921. Wheeler was a highly influential textile and interior designer noted for her role in opening up the field to women and for supporting craftswomen; she founded both the Society of Decorative Art in New York City and the New York Exchange for Women's Work. That she chose this sampler to appear on the cover of her book speaks well of the sampler, and an original hardback copy of the book will accompany it.

The samplermaker, Adeline Bryant, was born on May 11, 1813, the sixth child of Bezer and Sally (Houston) Bryant. The family lived in the small town of Anson, 39 miles north of Augusta. Bezer Bryant was a physician and judge, holding first bench in the Court of Common Pleas. The Bryant family descended from Stephen Bryant who was born in England circa 1620, emigrated by 1643, settling in the Plymouth Colony. Much information about this line of the family was published in an article in the New England Historical Genealogical Register, volume 153-154. A copy of this is included in the accompanying file.

Adeline continued her schooling as we were interested to find out from information published in a 1923 publication, Anson Academy Centennial. She is listed as a Mathematics, Rhetoric, English Grammar, Etc. student for the 1828 term. Her father, Hon Bezer Bryant was on the Board of Trustees of the academy.

Adeline married Joseph Nightengale Greene (1797-1870) who was born in Providence, Rhode Island. He was the nephew of Gen. Nathanael Green, one of the most highly respected commanders of the Revolutionary War. Adeline and Joseph remained in this area of Maine throughout their lives and she died on June 20, 1897 at age 84.

The sampler was worked in silk on linen and is in excellent condition. It has been conservation mounted and is in a molded and black painted frame.


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