Antique Furniture and Decorative Objects (click image for more information)

Longleaf Pine Hunt Board

Southern States, circa 1850

Large Blown Glass Compote

American, circa 1850

Oversized Round Chair Table

Seats 6
New England, circa 1840

8 Foot Long Hand-Forged Steel Rack with Hooks

European, 19th Century

Empire Painted Center Table with Drawer,

American, circa 1840

Sculpted Rock Crystal

20th Century

Writing Desk,

New England, circa 1835

Large and Fine Glass Demijohn Bottle

American, Possibly Philadelphia,
Last Quarter 19th Century

Paint Decorated Dome-Top Box

in Rare Green Paint
American, circa 1880

Pair of Mirrored Sconces

France, circa 1790

Zinc Strainer

European, circa 1880

Pair of American Painted Torchieres

American, circa 1910

Paint Decorated Side Chair

Massachusetts, Early 19th Century


Painted Mantel

American, 19th century

Painted Rocking Chair,

Original Paint,
New England, circa 1840

Eagle Hooked Rug,

American, Late 19th Century

Large Painted Iron Hooks/Harness Holder,

Old Red Paint,
American, circa 1900

"Daughters of Rebekah" Oddfellows Lodge Pole Top Finials

American, circa 1900

Folk Carved Frame with Original Mirror,

Chicago, circa 1905

Green Painted and Iron Strapped

Double Lidded Box
American, circa 1860

Miniature Watercolor "SAVED" by T. Biggs

England, 1856

Carved and Gilded Looking Glass

American, circa 1830

Large Slatted Wood Basket,

American, Late 19th Century

Fine Work Table

with Pullout Gameboard,
American, circa 1820

Two Seater Country Windsor Settee,

American, 19th Century

Obsessively Stamp-Decorated

Folk Art Table, American Modernist
American, circa 1935

Figured Maple Chest,

Pennsylvania, circa 1840

Adjustable Fluid Lamp

France, Mid-19th Century

Set of Six Chairs,

Salmon Painted and Decorated,
Pennsylvania, circa 1840

Carved and Turned Windsor Stool

American, circa 1860

Wire Glass Carrier

French, Late 19th Century

Small Sized Blown Glass Compote

New England, early 19th century

Cast Iron Owl,

American, Late 19th Century

Painted Travel Trunk

Naming Steamer Company,
European, circa 1900

Outstanding Pictorial Table Rug

American, circa 1870

Painted and Stud Decorated Box

American, circa 1835

Gold Leaf Looking Glass

Philadelphia, circa 1825

Pair of Painted Side Chairs

American, circa 1820-30

Painted Fireplace Bellows,

American, circa 1840

Fine Marquetry Jewelry Box

American, Mid-19th Century

Fine Mahogany Whale End Shelf

American, circa 1840

Painted Pantry Cupboard,

New England, 19th Century

One Drawer Stand in Original Dark Stain

American, circa 1840

Georgian Tole Decorated Plate Warmer

England, circa 1820

Large Latticework Wall Pocket,

American, circa 1940

Glass Compote,

American, Mid-19th Century

Painted Lap Desk with Drawer

American, early 20th century

Tall Pair of Architectural Pilasters,

Original Weathered Paint
American, Late 19th Century

Oversize One Drawer Stand, Cherrywood,

American, circa 1840

Carved and Painted Tripod Stool

with Twig Base,
American, Late 19th Century

Glass Bar Bottle

American, circa 1840

Cast Iron Door Knocker,

Lady's Hand Holding Ball,
Late 19th Century

Hanging Cupboard with Sliding Doors

American, Mid-19th Century

Walnut Folding Camp Chair

American, Early 20th Century

Pair of Rare Dutch Straw Work

and Gouache Pictures,
Netherlands, 18th Century

Iron Basket with Handles,

American, Early 20th Century

Set of Six Chairs,

Yellow Paint Decorated,
New England, circa 1840

Clear Glass Bar Bottles, circa 1850
Lithograph of Children Playing Cricket

England, circa 1850

Tramp Art Wall Pocket

American, circa 1920

Wire Tazza

American, Late 19th Century

Mixed Wood Basket

American, Early 20th Century

Miniature Leather Shoes

British Isles, early 19th century

Brass Steeple-Top Andirons

American, circa 1810

Collection of 9 Turned Pins

American, Early 20th Century

Ladder Back Child's Chair

The Netherlands, circa 1780

Miniature Mahogany Chest

American, circa 1850

Massachusetts Side Table, circa 1830
Post Office Cubbies,

American, circa 1900

Watercolor Theorem with 2 Doves

American, circa 1900

Exceptional Carved and Painted

Neoclassical Country Settee
American, circa 1830

Pair of Iron Baluster Lamps

American, circa 1880

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