Painted Oval Bentwood Box,

Painted Oval Bentwood Box,

Germany, circa 1870 

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18¼" x 11¾" height fully closed 6¼" • sold

Also known as Brides Boxes, these bentwood boxes with paint decoration offer enormous folk appeal. This one is in unusually fine condition with its original bright colors and very little wear or paint loss. The painted German on it reads, “Mach nur ein Compliment / So hat der Tanz ein end" which translates to "Just pay a compliment / So the dance can end" and is a delightfully amusing caption of the scene of a man with a raised baton and his dancing dog. Details such as the man’s double-breasted jacket and wide-brimmed hat with a buckled band and the dog’s posture, spotted coat and coral collar add to the charm.

Oval bentwood box shown with the lid closed completely.


Oval bentwood box, side view showing the painting on both the box and the lid.

Oval bentwood box, open to show the painting on the lid and the box interior.

Oval bentwood box, lid.

Detail of the painted text on the lid.

Detail of the painting of the man and his performing dog, on box lid.


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