8-Drawer Apothecary Chest

8-Drawer Apothecary Chest

England, circa 1900

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dimensions: 10" d x 13" w x 25" h • price: $850

Good looking apothecary chest with eight drawers, each with its original label. Other labels are found along the sides of the dovetailed drawers. Each knob is turned with a center bone detail, arched legs elevate the drawers; this could sit on the floor or a tabletop. Some of the labeled drawers contained Cort:Casslae (Compound Infusion of Senna), Cort:Cuspar (Bark of Galipea Cusparia), Gum:Oliban (Frankincense), Sod:Sub-Bor (Sub-borate Soda) and Aloes of Barbados (Aloe Vera).

Excellent condition with a great patina. One drawer knob is missing the bone.

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